Registration Forms

  •  Trade Pricing without minimum ordering requirements or opening orders;
  • A seamless ordering process from sampling, sourcing, estimates, purchase orders, freight quotes, order tracking, logistics & claims.
  • Product Launches & Promotions
  • Virtual Showroom Presentations
  • Showroom Access (by appt.)
  • Sample Loans & Ordering
  • Trade Pricing & without Minimum Ordering or Opening Requirements 
  • Access to all Showroom Sampling
  • Product Sourcing, Sample Ordering, Ordering Tracking, Logistics & Claims

Sales & Tax Use License or EIN #

  • ASID Membership or Registration with other Trade Accounts
  • Design Students: Proof of Registration or Graduation from a Design Program

For Registered Trade Accounts (both Showroom & Selamat Accounts)

  • Completion of our Registration Forms, including Billing Address, Company Name and Resale Certificate;
  • Estimates are provided by our Customer Service team, but pricing may change based on Vendor policies.  Prices are guaranteed within 72 hours of receiving our Invoice:
  • Approval & Payment of the Invoice confirms that all products and features are confirmed;
  • Payment by Check, Credit Card (no fees) or ACH Transfer Link will immediately initiate a PO that will go directly to the Vendor.
  • If A Designer prefer to pay a deposit, please ask us about our Tier Two level of service.
  • A Current Selamat Trade Account;
  • Completion of our Selamat Registration Form
  • As A Trade Showroom we can only sell to Trade Professionals.  However, we welcome the public to visit the showroom (by appointment) and we can pair you with an Interior Designer if you would like to purchase our inventoried or custom order products.

We work with an extremely talented group of trade professionals, available both locally and remotely.  We are happy to pair you with a Designer that can work within your budget while providing access to the highest quality products.

Working with Designer will help you avoid costly mistakes, reduce the stress of sourcing and ordering and help you achieve your the vision you have for your home.

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